Four core advantages:

1、 The hosting location has obvious advantages

Shandong Province and its surrounding provinces and cities have a huge market capacity and strong inclusiveness, providing vast market space for large food enterprises, and are rare high-quality markets in China. The National Food Expo is based in Jinan, the capital city of Shandong Province, and widely radiates to 16 cities in Shandong and surrounding provinces and cities.

2、 Strong exhibition brand advantages

After 17 years of development, the National Food Expo is one of the top industry brand exhibitions in the domestic food industry. It is an internationally renowned brand exhibition certified by the Global Exhibition Industry Association UFI, and has won more than 20 honorary titles such as the "40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening up China Brand Exhibition Gold Award". It has been recognized as a "Shandong Province Brand Exhibition" by the Shandong Provincial Department of Commerce.

3、 Strong Exhibition organizer 

The organizer of the National Food Expo, the French Gome Expo Group, is the third largest international exhibition group in the world, with multiple top food exhibition brands. It has rich resources and experience in organizing food exhibitions. Zhongmao Technology Group is a well-known organizer of China's major food industry exhibitions.

4、 Strong exhibition effectiveness

As a B2B professional exhibition in the domestic food industry, the National Food Expo aims to build an effective platform for manufacturers to exchange and cooperate on value, and emphasizes practicality. For many years, the National Food Expo has acted as a bridge for numerous manufacturers, making effectiveness a prominent label of the exhibition.

Seven highlights:

1、 The scale of the exhibition will reach a new high

The 18th National Food Expo will be presented in a fully booked state, with a new record high exhibition area. The layout of the exhibition hall and the division of exhibition areas will be more detailed and scientific.

2、 The exhibition effect will be further strengthened

In the new industry cycle, the 18th National Food Expo will focus more on organizing professional audiences, making comprehensive efforts both online and offline, and collaborating with various forces to organize professional audiences to ensure the effectiveness of this exhibition.

3、 Internationalization of exhibitions will make practical progress

The 18th National Food Expo will make new breakthroughs in internationalization, and the French Gaomei Aibo Exhibition Group will introduce international resources to the exhibition. International exhibitors and professional visitors will make wonderful appearances at the exhibition site.

4、 Make full efforts in the entire industry chain

As a grand event in the big food industry, this exhibition will focus on various themed exhibitions, bringing together domestic and foreign upstream and downstream enterprises in the big food industry. It will integrate four functions: exhibition trend release, industry exchange, and trade cooperation, creating a one-stop display and trading platform for the big food industry, and leading the development trend of the industry.

5、 Hold dozens of high-end simultaneous events

As a grand event in the food industry, this exhibition will hold dozens of industry forums, salons, exchange meetings, matchmaking meetings, promotion meetings, award ceremonies, and other colorful activities at the exhibition site, creating more opportunities for manufacturers to exchange, learn, and cooperate.

6、 Strong media promotion

This exhibition will invite over 200 media outlets for promotion and coverage, from pre - to post event, and from online to offline channels, to continuously expand the influence of the exhibition. Effectively bring an industry super feast with great influence and strong brand to exhibitors and professional audiences.

7、 Exquisite venue services

This exhibition will focus on enhancing the on-site exhibition and visiting service experience for exhibitors and professional visitors. The organizing committee of the conference will set up multiple functional service areas at the exhibition site, including business discussion area, media interview room, internet celebrity live broadcast room, tea rest area, booth reservation area, etc., to provide maximum assistance for exhibitors to better promote their brands and negotiate cooperation with professional audiences.