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The latest market during the Spring Festival: three famous w

Overall feel the liquor Spring Festival sales in line with expectations, brand performance differentiation is obvious, high-end Maotai price is strong, five grain liquid price increase, the second high-end test inventory digestion, medium-grade wine demand rigid, stable sales. February 11, the beginning of the seventh month, the new year's work officially began, first of all, I wish you start the great. Looking back on the Spring Festival, wine, food is the constant theme.
From the consumer side, this year's Spring Festival, we "drink out" what kind of trend? On January 30, micro-wine launched the Spring Festival before the market survey "100 dealers in the eyes of the "2019 Spring Festival season": four new elephant presentations.
On the first day of work after the Spring Festival, xiao special integration of Huacheng food and beverage, merchant food and beverage, Anxin food and beverage and other institutions and their own research, to take you to understand such "Spring Festival enthusiasm."
01 wine: continue the pre-festival "wang" trend In the survey issued by the agency, it is generally believed that the overall market for this year's Spring Festival is better than expected, Maotai Feitian product prices, five grain liquid sales are higher than expected.
In the national market, Maotai Feitian products part of the terminal smoke hotel is still out of stock, five grain liquid pu five, the national cellar 1573 brand force further highlighted.
Maotai - From the price point of view, Maotai is still in the thousand yuan price with a single large, the batch price is basically stable at 1700-1800 yuan / bottle, the mainstream retail price in 1800-2000 yuan / bottle, some stores can buy 1499 yuan / bottle of products.
At the same time, to Maotai cloud merchants as the representative of the line 1499 yuan / bottle supply is not much. "Pre-festival air delivery, more February planned volume to arrive, " said a dealer, "zodiac products, we have picked up to April." Hunan visits show that some smoke hotels only 1-2 boxes of inventory. In order to cope with the lack of supply, some tobacco hotels from online channels or nearby stores to 1499 yuan / bottle price to buy, and then increase to 1800 yuan / bottle price sold. The same situation, in Gansu, Jiangsu and other markets to see.
Some dealers in Sichuan said they would not have goods until after the 15th of the month.
Five grain liquid - From the survey years ago, the five grain liquid before the Spring Festival sales are obvious, this trend is still evident during the Spring Festival. From the price point of view, the current multi-regional approval price is about 800 yuan.
From the inventory point of view, Shaanxi, Hunan and other places between August 2018 and January 2019, inventory is reasonable. From the Spring Festival market point of view, five grain liquid in non-first-tier cities basically did not do promotion, but in some first-tier cities in the business super there are preferential activities. In a number of supermarkets in Sichuan, The retail price of Pu wu 1099 yuan / bottle, the whole box price of 5394 yuan / box (the whole box purchase discount 200 yuan / bottle), and show "sold out."
In the Shenzhen area, some merchants super five grain liquid 1618 (terminal price of about 1100 yuan per bottle) has to buy 2 bottles minus 200 yuan of activities, Beijing area five grain liquid 1618 direct discount 40 yuan / bottle. "The Spring Festival of 2019, because the five grain liquid brand strength is well known and strengthenthed control of the terminal, the dynamic sales situation is good, Jiangsu, Beijing, Northwest, Guangxi and other distributors said growth rate in double digits above, in some areas in the growth rate of 20%-30%. Some dealers in East and Northwest China have used up the quota in the first quarter. "As things stand, it's not going to be difficult to complete the task in 2019.
"A number of five grain liquid dealers said so.
National cellar 1573 aspects - "By Maotai shortage and the impact of the five grain liquid release, the national cellar 1573 this year's Spring Festival large-scale price action is obvious, " said a dealer in Sichuan.
From the situation learned, the national cellar more than 1573 transaction prices in 800-900 yuan / bottle or so. In terms of sales volume, the response varies widely from place to place, but overall is stable growth. And because of the pre-festival stop, coupled with the national cellar 1573 smooth sales, so the inventory has a certain digestion.
From the Spring Festival market point of view, the national cellar 1573 in some online channels to carry out preferential activities, some offline local markets also have corresponding activities, such as 50 yuan per bottle of concessions.
02 Local market: further transmission of the advantages of consumption upgrade In the famous wine, the market has also ushered in a "hot" Spring Festival, with the return of people out, consumption upgrade in non-first-tier cities show particularly obvious.
Overall, this kind of market super channel display to the middle and low-end brands mainly, high-end wine to make less promotion, some high-end brands performed well.
From the situation of commercial super display, Maotai, Pu wu, national cellar 1573 and other products have different volume, in addition to Maotai Town, Wugrain Liquid, Zhangzhou and other development products reduced; Specific to the market, different places.
Several key market conditions selected are as follows: Jiangsu region: the market products to Yanghe, the world-based. Research shows that Yanghe this year M3 hot sales, sales increased by about 40%-50% compared to the same period last year. In some urban areas, Yanghe's consumption is mainly M6, M3-based, county-level market sky blue growth is obvious, there are dealers said that sales growth reached 50%. By contrast, the blue of the sea is falling in some areas.
In Jiangsu region, the world's edge sales is also good than last year, the price of dealers mentioned that the price of the four-open national edge has been close to M3. Gansu region: in the commercial super channels to see that the popular wine is still the mainstream, local products are mainly jinhui wine, Hanwu Royal and Riverside wine, the common foreign products are mainly five grain spring, five grain alcohol, Zhangzhou old cellar special song, Jin Jiannan, etc. , at the same time the ancient well also began to do display. "This year Maotai welcome wine increased the intensity of display, the Spring Festival achieved good sales.
One Gansu dealer added. Hunan region: Similar to other regions, supermarket display mainly low-end liquor.
From the consumer price brought, the urban area is mainly concentrated in 200-300 yuan, the county and township is mainly within 100 yuan / bottle. Anhui: Anhui real estate wine is numerous, the interview mainly understand the price of about 200 yuan with the ancient well sand and mouth cellar products, during the Spring Festival, these product prices change little. From the factory date, between August 2018 and January 2019, the expected terminal sales are relatively benign.
In addition, according to the introduction, Gujing also increased the high-speed big-name advertising investment, the main high-end price of Gujing 20. Xi'an, Shaanxi: In Xi'an market, Xifeng wine is still in the leading position, six years of aging (168 yuan), Huashan sword 20 years (288 yuan), 30 years of National Flower Porcelain (328 yuan) to become the 2019 Spring Festival hot products. Anxin food and drink research shows: "six years of aging sales, there are tobacco hotel owners in January single shipment of more than 50 cases, China Resources million home out of stock." Provincial brands in the yanghe dream blue series sales of the best, the current M6 is serious.
" Mianyang, Sichuan: aside from famous wine, Fenggu in Mianyang market occupies an absolute advantage. At the same time, there are five grain liquid development products and "Zhangzhou" products, the price is mainly concentrated in 200 yuan / bottle or so. Sales of such development products have risen somewhat this year. At the same time, in the county and township market to see, banquet wine generally increased 30-50 yuan / bottle, of which the retail price of more than 200 yuan Fenggu wine king also began to be selected to do banquet wine, consumption upgrade feeling obvious.
But in terms of gift-giving, boxed wine within 100 yuan/bottle is still in the mainstream. Looking at the entire Spring Festival sales market, China Merchants Food Research believes that: the overall feeling of liquor Spring Festival sales in line with expectations, brand performance differentiation is obvious, high-end Maotai price is strong, five grain liquid price increase, the second high-end test inventory digestion, medium-grade wine demand rigid, stable sales. Continuing this trend, some industry sources believe that the 2019 market may be better than expected, but the challenges remain, the trend of brand concentration is becoming more obvious.