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"Red can of herbal tea" is Gadot or Wang Laoji? Wh

"Red can of herbal tea" is Gadot or Wang Laoji? Who's the end of a hammer's tone?

  The case of the packaging and decoration of the herbal tea red can has once again ushered in a fair judgment.

The Supreme People's Court of the People's Republic of China ruled in the case of Guangdong Gadot Po Beverage and Food Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. red can packaging and decoration: rejectthe application for retrial of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. The Supreme People's Court's ruling on the sharing of red cans has sent a positive signal that the state and the government "equally protect different property rights".
This time, the final dust of the red can packaging case, it is not difficult to see that enterprises to market and consumer-oriented, through the normal market competition to obtain corporate benefits. Gadot has the rights and interests of red can decoration indisputable, Gadot respect the Supreme Court ruling, will be in the spirit of mutual understanding, reasonable avoidance, good faith to fulfill the judgment, uphold the social responsibility of enterprises, cherish the results of business, respect consumer trust, honesty, trustworthiness, standardized market behavior, for the national brand to become bigger and stronger, For consumers to provide better products and strive.