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Anhui! Shandong! Jiangsu! Three provinces and four exhibitio

Sugar and wine food companies:

"China Trade International" is China's well-known exhibition event organizers have more than 10 successful group exhibition and audience reception experience, with mature exhibition - national food fair, Anhui sugar wine party, Anhui electric car exhibition and Anhui tea fair and other popular exhibition. Successfully organized activities are: Anhui Liquor Internet Conference, Anhui Wine Merchants Forum Conference, International Fine Wine Tasting Conference, China Food Development Forum, East China Liquor Festival and many other summit forums, theme activities, with 10 years of focus on the sugar wine food industry and successful main exhibition, but also to strengthen the close ties between dealers around,
For liquor food manufacturers and distributors to build a new model of exchange and cooperation. China Trade International Exhibition not only expanded the scale of the exhibition year after year, but also the effect of participation and social benefits also showed a stable and up-to-date good situation.
Among them, Shandong National Food Expo, Anhui International Sugar Wine Festival has become a domestic food industry enterprises to open up china's central, north, east And other regional markets must choose new products, transactions and corporate culture display platform;
2016 China Trade International full of vitality and passion, carefully build Anhui, Shandong, Nanjing three exhibition siain three provinces and four exhibitionstrong attack, there is always a exhibition belongs to you! 2016 China Trade International welcomes your attention and cooperation!