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Notice of image upgrade of China (Nanjing) International Sug

Dear Customers and Partners:
First of all, thank you very much for your concern and support for China (Nanjing) International Sugar and Wine Food Fair!
China(Nanjing) International Wine and Food Fair has been successfully held five times, its specialization, marketization, internationalization, integration and continuous improvement, is China's sugar wine food field one of the most well-known and authoritative exhibition.
In 2019, in order to further enhance the image of China (Nanjing) International Sugar and Wine Food Fair, improve brand recognition, promote the internationalization of the exhibition, will be a comprehensive upgrade of the brand image.
The upgrade is as follows:
Chinese: China (Nanjing) International Sugar and Wine Food Fair
Chinese short: Nanjing Sugar Wine Party
Full English: China (NanJing) International Wine and Food Fair
Original logo
New logo LOGO is designed in English for CAWFF, highlighting exclusivity, adding earth elements and internationalizing. The link between the earth and the phoenix, resulting in the image of the Phoenix around the earth, implies the globalization of the Expo. The star element implies the industry star of the exhibition. Logo design coordination, rigorous, concise but not simple, easy to read and write, easy to understand, consistent with industry characteristics and the aesthetic of the times.
With strong independence, with its own unique style, conducive to identification and media communication.
Show Theme Color: Blue
Exhibition Theme: Common Development and The New Book
The theme color of the exhibition adopts blue, blue deep eye-catching has a strong role in attracting attention, representing the eternal, will let people's eyes can not be transferred for a long time, expressing the exhibition's eternity and strict control of product quality and safety.
Overview of the exhibition: China (Nanjing) International Sugar and Wine Food Fair (CNWFF), Is China's liquor food industry located in b2B professional exhibition, held regularly in Nanjing in August and November each year, is China's food and liquor industry held one of the earliest events in history. CNWFF through the five sessions of carefully built, has become the highest comprehensive, the largest volume, leading China's liquor industry weather vane event. In the exhibitors and distributors to build the most extensive and efficient exchange platform and information platform, become the highest specifications, the most popular, the most influential wine food brand event.
China Trade Group deep work, firmly believe that "quality from professional, excellent service display" purposes, to high standards, high requirements, to create the most professional team, showing the most professional service, so that exhibitors satisfied, dealers have a reputation.
Exhibition official website, documents, WeChat, brochures, etc. will be a comprehensive upgrade of the image, such as the image upgrade to your inconvenience, please understand, we are grateful!
Hereby inform
China Trade Technology Group Co., Ltd. February 26, 2019